➡️Windows Passkey

You need bluetooth enabled to use mobile device authenticators on Windows. If thats unavailable we recommend using a password manager like 1Password or Bitwarden to store the passkey across devices.

If you have a computer with an Android or Windows OS and iPhone, you will need to use 1Password or Bitwarden. We recommend using Bitwarden, as it is very simple and free.

➡️ How to setup Passkey with Bitwarden

STEP 1: Create a Bitwarden account

Register and create an account here https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/register

STEP 2: Install Bitwarden extension
STEP 3: Go to Padre website
STEP 4: Accept the terms
STEP 5: Log in to the Bitwarden extension
STEP 6: Add Passkey in the Bitwarden extension

Click on "Save passkey as new login" in the Bitwarden extension pop-up

STEP 7: Add Passkey

Click on "Add passkey" button

Bonus tip:

Install the Bitwarden app to access Padre on all your devices anytime at: https://bitwarden.com/download/#downloads-mobile

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