What is the Portfolio View?

Portfolio displays all the tokens you own or have owned, as well as additional info about them.

It's separated into five views: Open Positions, Closed Positions, Trades, Limit Orders and Overview

Below the Head of the Portfolio View you'll find the Total Value of all your assets, as well as its % rise/drop in the last 24h.

What Stats can I find in the Portfolio View?

  • Expected Payout - ETH you'd receive if you sold 100% of your Balance (includes protocol fees and token taxes)

  • PNL - profit/loss after sell tax

  • Cost - ETH paid for the current Balance

  • Balance - amount of token currently held

  • Date - date of the trade, along with a link to the transaction on etherscan

Open Positions / Closed Positions / Trades

  • Open Positions are positions where you still have a positive balance of token.

  • Closed Positions are ones you've traded historically, but no longer hold any amount of.

  • Trades is a list of every Buy/Sell you've made, sorted chronologically by default.

The $ or Ξ symbol on the right lets you switch between having all values displayed in either of those currencies.

Limit Orders

To look through all your limit orders you can head to the Portfolio View at the top of the site. Here you can get a clear view of all of them, while also being able to filter by their type:

  • Expire

  • Cancelled

  • Active

  • Pending

  • Filled

  • Failed

  • Reverted


It's the complete overview, current and in the last 7 days, of all your assets in the form of two charts.


  • Show irrelevant - Show Phishing Tokens, Rugs and Token with no significant liquidity

  • Hide dust - Hide tokens with expected payout below 5$

  • Show hidden tokens

All of those filters are toggled off by default.

You can also filter by specific tokens, by searching for them by name or address.

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