What are the benefits of holding $PADRE?

  • Reduced in-app fees — 4 tiers:

  • Entry: 1000 $PADRE and more — 10% discount on fees

  • Advanced: 5000 $PADRE and more — 20% discount

  • Pro: 15000 $PADRE and more — 30% discount

  • Whale: 40000 $PADRE and more — 45% discount

These discounts do stack with referral discounts, offering even greater savings.

  • Access to exclusive gated features announced after the initial token launch

  • $PADRE buybacks and burns will be implemented to reward holders and celebrate milestones

  • Large holders will be also given access to a special Whale Channel

As Padre evolves, we will introduce even more token utilities to support the product growth, and help expand the ecosystem — this is only the beginning.

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