What is the Firehose?

Firehose is a live, self-refreshing feed of all buys/sells happening right now, including pending ones.

Clicking on each token will automatically open up the Token View.

What data can I find on the Firehose?

  • Date - How long ago the transaction happened, plus gas at that moment

  • Side - Whether the transaction was a buy or sell

  • Price / ETH - Price of token in $ and Ethereum

  • Maker - The address that made the transaction. By clicking on each Maker you'll be able to see their recently closed positions, and sort those by time, token name and realized PNL.

    Padre is equipped with ENS support, meaning if the address has a unique name, it'll be displayed.

    A custom list of addresses can be used to filter out certain positions in this view.

Pending Transactions

Pending Transactions are displayed in more muted shades of their respective colors, as well as by loading icons.

They are always displayed at the top of the Firehose.

Liquidity Events

In a separate tab in the Firehose you can find an overview of Liquidity Events, including burns and locks.

You can sort those events by Date, Type, Amount, Percentage and Maker.

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