Private Key Management

Padre is a fully self-custodial trading app. What does it mean? "Self-custodial" means that you, the user, exclusively hold and manage the private keys to your wallets. Padre does not store your private keys, in contrast to popular Telegram trading bots. Instead, we employ a more secure method where private keys are stored in the browser, protected with unique server-stored encryption keys.

Importing your existing wallet to Padre with your private key

When you insert your private key while importing a trading wallet in our app, it is stored locally in your browser - the private key does not reach our servers.

Generating a new trading wallet

While creating a new wallet in Padre, you get a message with a private key to your new wallet. This message is the sole opportunity to view and save your private key. Similar to the import process, this key is stored only in your browser and does not reach our servers. It's crucial to save it during this step, as there will be no way to recover it later if you fail to do so.

How can I keep my sensitive info safe when sharing screen?

In the Account Overview you can toggle on "Blur sensitive info". If turned on it blurs your user ID, wallet addresses, custom names and position details on the Trade page

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