Before each trade Padre will run a suite of checks and warn you if there's anything alarming about it.

Those checks help you avoid costly mistakes, so they're all enabled by default, but you can disable them in settings.

Here are current Warnings, including brief explanations on why you might want to keep them enabled:

Buy for more than 0.5 ETH

This is a significant amount

High tax

With high tax you might get less tokens than intended

High slippage

You might get sandwiched

Slippage close to Tax

Increased risk of failed transaction

Low liquidity

Trading with it can result in very bad fill price

Marked as honeypot

You might lose your investment

Some holders can't sell

You might be unable to sell the token after you buy it

WETH liquidity not optimal

There might not be enough liquidity in WETH specifically and your trading results on Padre might differ from tools operating in other currencies

More warnings coming soon!

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