How do I trade using Padre?

Clicking on a Token, either in the Portfolio, Trending View or search bar, will open up the Token View. Here you can trade, analyze and set up Limit Orders, all without having to switch between different windows.

Alternatively you can open the Trade section, which automatically open on the last viewed token.

How do I search for a specific token?

You can use the search bar by entering a name of the token, a symbol or an address (which can be a part of a larger copy, only the address will appear in the search bar).

Padre will search for the token across all supported chains (Ethereum, Base, and Solana). There is no need to specify the chain where your desired token is located.

Search results on Padre also display the full token name, pair, price, liquidity, 24h volume, Market Cap and FDV.

Here you can also quickly add a token to your favorites by clicking on a star.

Search results can be navigated using arrow keys as well.

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