Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing structure for Padre?

Padre's analytic features are free to use. A 1% fee is charged for every successful trade (buy/sell).

What are the main differences between Padre and its competition?

Some tools on the market serve more as a general hub, not specializing. Padre however is a tool optimized for short-term flipping. What separates it from other such tools, is the fact that Padre is a dedicated web app, unlike the majority of mainstream tools which operate as Telegram bots. That gives Padre the edge, as it can be better designed, faster and more effective.

Which liquidity pools will Padre be using?

We’ll start off with full support for Uniswap V2 and V3

Will any ERC-20 token be tradable?

Yes, you’ll be able to buy/sell ERC20 tokens via Uniswap V2 and V3 pools. ERC-404 is also supported.

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