The Trending View is a display of the most traded tokens from between the last 1 minute to the last 1 hour.

Clicking on each token will open the Token View, where you can Trade.

  • Price Δ - % rise/drop of the Token Price in the selected timeframe

  • Price - Current price of the Token in $

  • Trades - The number of trades within the specified timeframe.

    The bar next to the number represents the sales and purchases.

    Additionally each sell and buy by a Smart Wallet is represented by a snowflake or fire icon respectively.

  • Volume - The total volume of all trades in the specified timeframe.

    The bar next to each number represents the volume of sales and purchases.

  • FDV - Current Fully Diluted Valuation of the Token in $

  • Taxes - Current token Taxes for Buying • Selling.

  • Holders - Current number of Holders of the Token.

Pending Transactions

The spinning icon, which can sometimes be seen next to the number of trades, shows the number of currently pending transactions.

Hovering over it will display how many of those transactions there are at the moment, differentiating between buys and sell, as well as their volume.

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