This content applies to Padre V1. Please visit the Padre V2 section to see the latest app updates.

What is Padre?

Padre is an all-in-one ERC-20 trading terminal for everyone.

Our Goal is to be the go-to trading platform for anyone who wants to trade on-chain regardless of prior experience.

Padre is tailored for both CEX veterans looking to venture into DEX trading and newcomers taking their first steps in this space.

By offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface, we're making a switch to Padre seamless and comprehensive for all.

What makes Padre unique?

Padre stands out from other on-chain trading tools as the only self-custodial trading app.

In contrast to other apps, your keys remain on your device and are never sent to Padre’s servers - your private keys are kept private.

Take advantage of our all-in-one trading terminal, combining classic tools into a familiar and user-friendly CEX-like interface.

A rich blend of an intuitive UI and a seamless UX. Place where classics meets cutting-edge.

What are Padre features?

Learn all about them here.

How to get started?

Get started with our onboarding guide below.

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