A complete overview of all the terms you can come across while trading on Padre and their simple explanations.



A successful flip on an individual holder's wallet.


It's the amount of WETH put into the Liquidity Pool by the creator of the token.

Ideally for trading the more liquidity the better, as it means that the token is less likely to drastically depreciate in value.

The percentage on the right shows how much of the total supply is in the Liquidity Pool.

Liquidity Lock

Below liquidity you'll find the % of it that's been locked, meaning it can't be withdrawn. Hovering over the lock will display more information, such as how long is it locked for.


Liquidity getting locked for a specific time.


Permanent liquidity lock.


Price Slippage is the change in token price caused by the total movement of the market - it is shown as the difference between the price you expect to receive after swapping vs what you actually receive after the swap is complete.


Provided you own the viewed token, this is where you'll see your profit/loss data.


How much of the supply is held by the Top 5 holders.

Ideally you want the supply ownership to be spread out.


The tax which is put on Buying or Selling the token.

Up to 5% is considered safe.

Between 5-20% will display a warning.

Above 20% means it's likely a scam and trading is discouraged.


Fully diluted valuation (FDV) is the total value of a cryptocurrency project considering all of its tokens that are in circulation.


An automated industry standard contract audit checking if there are any issues with the token.


A verified contract provides additional credibility.

Trading tokens with unverified contracts is not advised.

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